Saturday, November 17, 2007

Damian's Untouchable Optimism

Damian hearted a womon, and spoke to her thus:
“Oh! I hope you don’t think me to be a debased source of qualm,
But the concept of letting me marry your cheek with my hand
Is a thought which can shatter my heart, make it finer than grain,
Since the manifestation would only be met with contempt.”
And she said to him, “It is not due to your hygiene uncombed,
Or your cruelty to fauna, or governments of places walked,
Or your usage of CAPS LOCK, or number of APIs known,
Or aversion to making a pun to elicit a laugh,
But your disinclination toward rulers when making a chart.”

Though his brain was confused, she could not put a stop to his heart.


King Kessler said...

Implied rhyming scheme: Yay or nay?

(Each line ends in a word whose synonym rhymes with the preceding final word.)

King Kessler said...

Translate the hexadecimal for the key:


It's like a puzzle!

Cavalcadeofcats said...

A Nicholas is perplexed. Rhyming? Keys? Damien? Mystification!

King Kessler said...

Line-by-line analysis:
-I hope you don't think me to be a lamer,
-But the idea of me touching your cheek (an affectionate gesture)
-Is a thought which can pwn my heart
-Because it won't ever happen

Rhyming example: If you were to replace "hand" with "palm" in the second line, it would rhyme with the first one. If you were to replace "grain" with "sand" in the third line, it would rhyme with the second one. Translate the hexadecimal to find out the rest of the final words.

Conclusion: Implied rhyming schemes suck?