Friday, February 27, 2009

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(Again, for a class assignment.)

(For driving in San Francisco.)

Driving in SF is much like driving in other cities. You must be aggressive to get anywhere. Rude! But necessary. (LA and NY are worse.) And there is more.

First, there are hills in SF. Hills! They are very steep. You must be careful of your speed! It is very easy to go too fast downhill, or not at all uphill.

The hills also mean that you must be careful while parking. If you don't put down your brake, your car will begin to roll! This is funny, but probably bad.

You must be very careful at night. There is less motortraffic then. But there is also fog, and piers! The combination has a high potential for sadness. sploosh

San Francisco is a very lovely city. There are old buildings and green things! So admire those as you will. But do not forget to watch the road! -the end-

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