Friday, February 06, 2009

Peculiar Things

That I have seen, and thought to photograph.

A sticker from the Obama campaign - presumably from 2008, before Biden joined the campaign, though perhaps even older. Someone seems to have attacked it. How rude! (Though its position - on a supporting beam for a staircase - is rather odd.)

On the back of an ACS (Academic Computing Services) motorized cart, someone seems to have taken the opportunity for free, mobile promotion. They put on a sticker - a sticker for, of all things, "Sex Panther Cologne". (Frankly, I am not certain that this product actually exists. It may be some type of joke. The name!) Furthermore - the sticker is placed exactly in the center of the ACS's logo, a stylized computer monitor wearing a mortarboard. Their logo is now advertising "Sex Panther".

(Perhaps it's a pop-up.)

This was offered at supper to-night, in the dining halls. It's actually a really large cookie - larger than my hands, and crumbly - but that's not the really remarkable thing. (Despite the fact that, having gone to this dining hall once or twice a day for months on end, I have never seen cookies for sale there before.)

This is the remarkable thing:

The Internet strikes again!

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