Friday, February 27, 2009

My Favourite Kinds Of Items

Edifying information for any citizen of the Grànd Nìkòlàs Rèpùblìc!

ITEM CATEGORY ONE: Cats. They are just so adorable! Also, furry. There is nothing that is not to love!*

ITEM SET TWO: Frugivores. They're fructivorous!

ITEM LIST THREE: Laser-bats! They're much like normal bats, but they fire lasers. Anyone nearby gets their own laser to keep! So wonderful! (If they fired laser-beams they'd be kinda dangerous, but as it stands, they're just a delight!)

ITEM TUPLE FOUR: Other types of laser-related-items. I hear laser-sharks are popular. Laser bears would also probably be pretty good.

ITEM VECTOR FIVE: looooooove

ITEM MATRIX SIX: Edible things. You can eat them! This is a big plus in my book.

ITEM SET SEVEN: Strange flying things. Jump-jets! Battle-zeppelins! Ornithopters! They are a Good Time for One and All.

ITEM HIERARCHY EIGHT: Things with long, corkscrew-shaped bodies! Much like those of ducks.

I hope this has been Educational! If it has not been, do not tell me.

I will cry

*Certain persons who are rendering my room fit for human life might disagree. They would be right. Alas!

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