Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Story for Kessler

Mr. Zhang sat. He rocked back and forth, he hummed a little tune. And he thought. He thought, he thought, he thought - oh, how his brow furrowed in concentration! For he was thinking, you see.

He was thinking of a story.

Now, you may fairly ask, whyever did he wish to write a story? We all know that Zhangs are never for frivolous tasks of any sort. No sir! Serious folk are they, ever with their noses to the grinding-razor and their feet on the ground. (Not in the clouds.) So if this Mr. Zhang was attempting to create a story, then it certainly must be for some very important reason! And indeed it was.

A Kelsey had asked him!

Now, we all know of the historical dependence existing between the tribe of the Kelseys and the tribe of the Zhangs. While the Kelseys frolick, the Zhangs work; while the Zhangs despair, the Kelseys delight. The one would be helpless without the other; or, if not helpless, then much less happy! So they are always very kind to one-another, and try to help each-other in every way they can, as every person should.

So Mr. Zhang thought. He thought and thought and thought. But he had no idea of what to write! He was just a Zhang. He could not do this on his own!

"It's okay!" the Kelsey said to him. "I believe in you!"

Then Mr. Zhang wrote a story!

It went something like this:

"il y avait une fois, il y eut un bonhomme qui s'appella Nikoulas. Tous les matins lorsqu'il se reveillait il trouva une femme différent dans son lit, donc quelqu'un peut-être l'appelle un "pimpe", ou un "joueur". Il s'avéra qu'il était en ma classe, à l'université. Aussi, il y eut une femme, qui était belle, et chaude, et fraîche. j'allai en classe et il y eut ce bonhomme et il me disait,

"mon gars, tu ne devrais pas avoir des relations sexuelles avec cette femme ,parce que ,j'eus déjà des relations sexuelles avec elle,et je lui donna une malade sexuellement transmissible."

Et ensuite, car cela, je me fâchai, et je le frappai. Et puis, je utilisai mon pouvoir magiques pour le tuer."

The Kelsey was right to believe in him! And they were both happy forever.

The end!

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