Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ordu Işık

In the darkened expanses of medieval Asia Minor, a terrible power emerged. Whatever provoked its advent, no-one knew, but its appearance from the jagged mountains of eastern Anatolia spread darkness over the land. It summoned hosts of demons to hurl fireballs and lightning, turning the land black and foul. The people named this power the Enemy, and fear of it ran rife throughout the land. No tribute would turn aside its wrath, no strength of arms would suffice against the demonic rampage. Tales carried along the Silk Road brought a chill to the air of Western and Eastern courts alike.

Against this menace rose a band of heroes. They called themselves the Ordu Işık, or "Army of Light", and with sorceries drawn from the Kitab al-Azif, the book of arcane lore, they fought the demons - and won, as no others had. Victory after victory they won, and cast the demons back to the mountains from which they came, as followers flocked to the ranks of the Ordu Işık. At last the Army of Light made its way to the plains below Mount Ararat, where the Enemy had made its final redoubt. There battle was joined; and as their followers made battle against the demons of the Enemy's host, the heroes pitted their powers against their nemesis itself, to cast it back to the darkness from which it came.

They failed. The magics they summoned were terrible and vast; the keening howls of a ten thousand inhuman voices surrounding them in a wailing chorus as they battled against the Enemy, strange lights and unwholesome sights flashing and disappearing at random. And the Enemy was sorely injured; but the heroes were broken and defeated, their army forced to flee the field. Of the original five, three were outright slain in the battle. and another was crippled. The Enemy remained to bring devastation unto the world.

Now it is the calm after battle. With only one of the heroes remaining, and many of the followers having left the ranks, it is a time of caution and cunning. The demons must be opposed - but it will be no easy task.

Download here. The game will need Python 2.6 (here) and pygame (here) to run. A fully binary seems presently impractical, even for Windows users; it may be provided in later versions. The game is a work in progress, and all comments are appreciated.

**Disclaimer: Plot summary above may have nothing to do with provided link.

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