Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Nikolas Language

the nikolas language is unique among those of the world, in that it is spoken only by 1 person in the world, this person, of course, Nikolas, although he often chooses to abstain from doing so for reasons which are yet unclear to us. However, he was kind enough to divulge the basic grammatical patterns and the syllabary of the unique tongue, and we were able to analyze some of his lexical patterns. For example, the Nikolas language does not make use of any consonants, the sounds are all vowel. For example, the Nikôlas is usually as /ɯ/. Nikólas represents /y/ , and Nikòlas is /ø/. To further complicate matters, nikolas sounds are highly context-sensitive , for example the phrase Nikòlas Nikólas is realised as /æʊ̯/, while Nikólas Nikòlas is usually /uɜ̯/ .

example sentences w/ gloss

Níkòlás. means : I hate you
Nîkólás Nïkølås. means: You are a sucker
Nìköläs Nȉkỗlâs Ņɨķȫłẵṧ Ñḯḵỡľẵṥ. means: I love sex
Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas Nikolas. means: helo how are you

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