Saturday, February 28, 2009


soaring softly through my atmosphere

was a wayfarer, bound on a long fahrt
I thought to myself,
I must take a fahrt too
and if his fahrt meets my fahrt
we can fahrt together
So I left my queer planet-kingdom,
and began the grandest of fahrts,
bound to travel fahren and widhren
than had I ever before
and my fahrt took me higher and higher
until I reached the stars
who were on their fahrt
across the universe
and I saw the sun, and the sun said to me
I cannot fahrt any longer,
you must take a fahrt to me
and fill me with your fahrt
and I did, and I felt the warmth
of the sun's fahrt envelop me
and my own fahrt entered into the sun
and it gasped
and sighed
and cried out in relief
for it had been some time since it had seen
or felt
a fahrt
it bestowed upon me a gift
that I might find that traveller
who I had seen
so briefly
a thousand fahrts ago
wherever he might be now
and the sun said unto me
you must go
and take another fahrt
to a land far away
and strange to you
and fahrt on a strange bird
until you reach the shores
and shall be greeted with open arms
by those who will call you their family
but who are not
and you must fahrt with them
the day when the youngest girl of them
will fahrt with you
and you will touch her delicately
and love her
and fahrt
and fahrt again
never to find rest
never to find shelter
fahrting through wind
and storm
and hail
obstacles natural and human
all too human
upon your fahrt
and at the end of the great fahrt
when you see your fahrting traveller
it will be only briefly
a fleeting moment
before he finishes' his life's fahrt
and dies
and then
you will die
and it wasse goode.
(As fahrts go.)

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