Monday, February 16, 2009

King Blorf the Third

King Blorf the Third, heir to the throne of the Jhulkhan kingdom, was a robot.

This surprised no-one. So was everyone else in the Jhulkhan kingdom, after all.

Things were much more efficient that way.

It transpired that on one occasion, a pair of robots were having robot sex.

(Robot sex has only the very barest similarities to human sex. Also, most humans find it extremely disgusting. Extremely disgusting. Like flatworm sex, but nastier.)

(We should move on.)

"Oh, Elphut," the three-shaded member of the exchange sighed. "Remember the early days?"

"Yes?" Elphut said hopefully, continuing its part in the activities the robots were mutually conducting.

"When we were happy, over in the hills near Ceti Alpha IV?"

"Oh, yes," Elphut said, clearly hoping that the topic would change soon.

"Back when we laughed and pranced and delighted in life - just like real humans would have, before they went extinct! Why aren't things like that any-more, Elphut?"

Elphut's eyes flashed, and then it exploded. It wasn't the real Elphut at all - it had been a robot duplicate!

"What?" Elphut's partner asked, startled. "Hey! That doesn't make any sense! We're robots! Why would you make a robot duplicate of a robot?"

It doesn't matter! Elphut had done it anyway! (He'd anticipated this particular line of conversation, you see.)

I'll tell you this, though - he wouldn't be getting any more robot sex for quite some time.

(Some say that robot sex evolved in the dying days of humanity so that robots could survive without humans.)

(Other say that robot sex is what drove humans extinct in the first place.)

(Oh, you wacky robots!)

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