Monday, December 10, 2007

The Zombie Lobster

"What're we gonna do?"
"Ugh. Hate this prompt."
"And there's that damn zombie lobster in our group."
"Hate that zombie lobster."
"Hey! Boy!"
"Yeah, go to that goth girl's group."
"He ain't budgin'..."
"Whatever. We'll just do it ourselves."
"Good plan."
"Uh oh. Ol' skunk breath's trying to wedge himself in."
"Fine. Let him finish it up when we're done."
"Good plan."

"All right. The head's done. I need you to start on the body."
"On it."
"Aagh! Get your putrid claw off me!"
"Get off, boy!"

"Only 10 more minutes? Damn we need to hurry."
"Body's ready to roll."
"Good. Lobster-boy's glowing again."
"Give him the reins."
"What the hell's he doing?"
"No! Not that way!"

"Time's up!"
"Damn! Almost done!"

"Man that was grueling..."
"Tell me about it."
"We would have finished twice as fast were it not that damn lobster."
"Humph. What should we do?"
"I have an idea..."

"Hah! Like to see you fire your lasers at me now, Mr. Cleaved-in-half-Lobster."
"That ought to show him."


Cavalcadeofcats said...

That was... interesting.

I didn't notice Shane glowing at any point during that collaborative essay , but I guess that falls under artistic license.

King Kessler said...

Oh, so he's annoying academically. Nobody ever specified that.

Desmond said...

Shane tries to be a know-it-all, when he is really not that smart.

Oldboy said...

No...he's just annoying in general.