Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On Blagging

Yea, Desmonde approacheth the haggisse nowe,
The jowels chawed and his boweles well tempr'd,
Blew a guste swich and coure alongst the grande beastie,
Withe the fource of a firth on the swaet lanes,
And dous'd het baggins in blowzy water dropplets,
He spake: Ye who blocketh the pathes of righteouse,
And art a mounster, through and to the bon,
And steale mens soules, and yea, enslave them,
I shall licke the fervour your caste trill off the beats,
and swallowe as the wind swayes the animales,
And the acte, whereupon it shall be committes forthwith,
In the presence of goode Christian men,
Shall be called naught but the Blagging,
Of which men of worldlie affaires may temperre their skill,
Againste all manner of Night-Creathures.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

For reference:
"David: blagging sounds like something you do with your toungue
to a haggis
i shoul blg abotu that"

Very impressive fake Scottish. Also, Symphony of the Night reference. (Did you ever play that?) I really cannot comprehend what is said in the post, though. Did Desmonde promise to eat the evil out of monsters?

King Kessler said...

I didn't understand most of it, either. It has a nice feel, though, I guess?

Desmond said...

You just got BLAGGED.