Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Nikolas Head

What happens when a Nikolas, feeling guilty about not blogging, is trapped on his brother's laptop (because his brother has taken the desktop computer for the last eight hours)?

He blags!

He blags about Knytt Stories.

Knytt Stories is a wonderful little platformer. It's rather like the Metroid games (the 2d ones), if you've played them - run around, explore areas, get abilities that let you explore further. Unlike the Metroid games, though, there's no weapons or health - you can't attack enemies, and if you get hit, you die.

It can be rather tricky, but it's quite fun nonetheless. (For a Nikolas.) The scenario that comes with the game is big and fun to explore, and there are a number of other quality scenarios to download. I'd give you a link, but I don't feel like it, so go find it yourself. (Not that you will! Oh, do and party.)

Party! We will have a party to-morrow, I think. I went provisioning. There were bananas! Apparently they ripen even after being picked? I had not known this. Most impressive! Also, there was cheese bread. Delicious!

Did you know that they sell cheese pretzels? (Not the store I was at, I'm tangenting. Bear with me.) They're delicious! Om nom nom nom. My strongest association with cheese pretzels? Shadow of the Colossus. (I ate them when playing.) Excellent game! Really quite good. My old blag, my first one, had a rather large post about it. That was how much it inspired me! And I didn't blog at all back then.

The fellows who made Shadow of the Colossus also made a game called Ico. Also excellent, but I never finished it. A shame! Maybe someday. (But... maybe not.)

I never finished Pikmin, either. On the final boss battle! (Truth.) I did finish Tron 2.0 after leaving a save for the final boss battle for, if I recall, one and a half years. (It was a pretty poor final boss.) That was odd.

I'm petering out.


I am feeling a little odd, perhaps. Perhaps a little CITRIC ACID will clear that right up!


King Kessler said...

You need a Twitter-thing! This post would fit perfectly in it.

Cavalcadeofcats said...

I think it's too long!

King Kessler said...

The disparate parts of this post would fit in it.