Thursday, December 27, 2007


Prompted by a sad incident, I have a confession to make.

I am easily "spoiled."

It is, of course, a pure result of my curiosity. I like to read things! I especially like to read things about other things I like! But when these other things are video-games or books - ones that I haven't finished - tragedy, on a very tiny scale, is too often the result. When I was small, I read a strategy guide for a game I was playing - like a book! It was very entertaining but rather ruined the thing for me. (My brother notes, "That was very stupid, by the way, I want everyone to know. This is in character for him. ("Hey!", he complains. "I want everyone to know is another sentence. You suck!" ("I never said hey!" he complains again. A metacomplaint, if you would.))) After that, I have been spoiled for many other things - Bioshock, Fire Emblem the Tenth, bits of the newest Star Wars books... it is my curse, my **** curse.

Oh! Also, Citizen Kane, maybe? But I've never watched that so it's so hard to be sure.

This post is sort of lame but I felt that it should be said. To "get it out of my system," as it were.

My sibling has many wild ideas for how this post should end. I will leave it to him to implement them on his own (post). Later!

Post-Script: I really want to catch up on some of the stories I've left hanging - Light, maybe the Wanderer, though that one's honestly decrepit and I'd likely change the format if I did continue it. Reader comments guide me, as ever.


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