Saturday, December 22, 2007


Things I have recently read that are awesome:

Temeraire series: Dragons and the Napoleonic Wars. Hooray! (This is at fault for "Naval Combat".) (The blag post.)

Legacy of the Force, book 1: Star Wars Expanded Universe - now with 400% more moral ambiguity! Hooray! (Needs blag love. I may give it some.)

Rock Paper Shotgun, the Interblag. It is 100% wit! I will link: See this? Genius! It entertains me a great deal.

Stuff by Timothy Zahn. Book names: Night Train to Rigel, Angelmass; not sure about the first one. (Wikipedia tells me I'm right. Sweet! I'm awesome.) Less recently, I read some of his other stuff: The Thrawn books (Star Wars), The Icarus Hunt... I highly recommend that last one, by the way, it's good.

I am informed that I'm going backwards in time, so that's cool.

Ghosts of Onyx: This isn't really recent for me, but it is for my brother, so it counts. Pretty good Halo book, though you really need to have read at least The Fall of Reach for it to make any sense. (Mind you, you should read that anyway, because it's excellent, but I felt I should mention.) Anyway, it is about a planet where there are space ghosts. Spoilers: River is made out of chocolate.

Oh, yeah, if you haven't seen Firefly, you should. It is really very good!

Why am I not asleep?

I answer thus:


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