Friday, December 21, 2007

The Train

There's a train we all know
that called the nikolas beast in the snow
and when he gets the fule in the flames
he explodes into a billion shower bolls
a boll weevil

and one day the nikolas train
(like the mao train)
(with his head)
(on the front)
came to a place
a place called home

which was the anti-anti-nikoas house,
and he did suffocate,
and hit on at least one womon and possibly 3 more,
through kelsey,
for he was a mind-zombie,
and he did make many jocularities,
and jig about in his bagpipes
and his fur hat
and he did astound and dazzle
with his magic tricks
and he did love many womons
and they loved him
he was locutus
and he went to a mathematics roome
to look for his long-lost brother
to take him home
into the loving embrace
for he had copulated with a womon
and had a child, and the child was
25 years old
and enough to care for his brother while
nikolas was away
at the chop bar
and archaeological digs
to egypt

and the womon and nikolas lived hapily ever after
except nikolas became a loser after that


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Cool! Hadn't read this.

You may be misrepresenting certain events.

King Kessler said...

Excellent character building!