Monday, December 24, 2007

Of the Vanished Womon

Lo, it was the afternoon before the afternoon before the eve before Christmas. We men were merry, as is our wont, and we decided to gather together in the Haus of the Nikolaus, so as to multiply our merriness. But lo, our path was plagued by trouble from the start: Our arrival at the anti-anti-anti-Haus of Nikolaus did "upset" the "applecart", and in defeat we fled. Then all men gathered at last, saddened by the earlier failure, and realized:

The Womon Was Missing!

Panicked, we set out at once to search. We looked high, and we looked low; but nowhere was she to be found! In despair, we got completely distracted and played video games. Also: discussion of 1) phalii 2) women's underwear; and chocolate (not discussion). It was a strange and demoralizing time.

At last, though, we realized our error. So we gathered together, gloriously resolute, and immediately got distracted (again) and played video games (again).

In the end, we heard a knock at the door. Everyone's spirits rose. Was it her? Had she come at last, on the afternoon before the afternoon before the eve of Christmas, to save the day?

No, it was a pizza delivery guy.

It's okay. The pizza was tasty.

Good night!

Remember: Santa Claus is always watching.

Especially in the washroom.

P.S.: Also his beard.


Oldboy said...

i miss a womon :'(

Desmond said...

I'm sure you do.