Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nikolas the Pederast

One daye, a Nikolaus lived in ansiecnt Greasse, or perhapse Spayne, where he wausse indeed a pederaste, and yea, he did take it upon himselffe to instruckte the young fellowes in the wayes of the Nikolasus, and yea, one day, on the day, he did come upon a young childe, of fyfe, who had mocked himselffe up to look the age of the nikolas, and the forme of a womon, (for he was not much older), yea, this was in the grande agora, and in the times of the re-cesses, he did come upon this fellow, and he did say unto him the wordes which were false and decietfulle, and cruel, and yea, he did make many lewd and lasciviousse remarkes aboute the attires of the gentleman, and the mannere in which he did conduckte himselffe, and yea, the young man did responde in kinde, for he was a foole, and the nikolas was a master of the trade, and was ecperienced, yea, and he did firther come upon the childe, for the nikolas was indeed in many seminars and lectures alongside the childe, in the lyceum, and the gymnasuim, and yea, he did pretend to seminate, and lectate, and lactate, for he was indeed garnering the affecktions of the childe, for he was a sick man, and tainted by luste, for he had not copulated in several dayes, yea, he then took it upon himselffe to collaboutare with the childe on many mathematickal theorems, of Aristottle, and Platoe, and the philosophia, and the good bookes of the lande, yea, one day, he did come himselffe unto this childe, to performe lewd, and lasciviousse actes upon his personhoode, but the nikolas did become enlightened at that moment, for he was sitting under the shade of the mangrove tree, and yea, he did decide that he did not wist to perform these actes, and yea, like magicke, the forme which the childe had assumed, of a womon, and of the age of the nikolas, did manifest itself, yea, the Nikolas was pleased, and he did proceed to copulate with the womon many times, for he was a nikolas, and yea, they were lovers, and yea they were married, by the grace of God, and yea, they did have many childrennes, and yea, the nikolas did not perform lewd and lascivousse actes upon any of them, save for one (for he had mocked himself up as a womon, and of the age of nikolas, and they did committe adultery), but that was an excepption, and it wause goode.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Sometimes, knowledge is just too dangerous for a David. In this case, it's a combination of reading the Oscar Wilde entry on Wikipedia and watching me talk to one of his "old flames". Accusations were made, and not retracted. Swords were drawn.

But, as you can see, it all worked out for the best.

King Kessler said...

As long as it all worked out for the best!