Friday, July 03, 2009

Squeaky Brakes

Squeaky Brakes is a super lovable dude! This is a story about that fact.

One day, Squeaky Brakes encountered the Umbrella Bros. The Umbrella Bros were also pretty cool dudes - they were a troupe of rappers, the best in the land! When they met Squeaky Brakes, they all gathered around and shook his hand and smiled! As rappers, they are normally forbidden to smile - so you can see that they really liked him!

And when they told him - 'hey, squeaky-dogggg, we're rapper-dudes!' - and Squeaky Brakes, naturally, asked them to rap for him - why, they rapped their hearts right out!

This was a bit of a problem. After all, without a heart, it's hard to do much of anything - eat, sleep, breathe - much less rap!

So Squeaky Brakes, feeling quite guilty, set off to find and rescue the hearts of the Umbrella Bros.

It took him a little bit to find them - and when he did, he discovered that three guardians had emerged - each tasked to defend one of the hearts! Their names were Monopole Man, who had certain extraordinary magnetic properties - Missile Man, who could shoot fire in one direction and move pretty fast in the other - and Mystery Man, who no-one really knew anything about! (They weren't even sure he was a man!) The three guardians called out to Squeaky Brakes, saying: "Halt! We three guard these hearts. If you wish to pass, you must defeat us - in combat most honourable!"

Squeaky Brakes halted. He wasn't sure what to do! He was no fighter. He was a lover - and that, he realized, was the answer!

Squeaky Brakes threw out his arms. With all his heart, he squeaked - oh, he squeaked louder than an eighteen-wheeler truck with misaligned disc brakes, louder than a herd of elephants all bellowing at once! And there was so much love in that squeak - so much love - that the guardians just had to let him past. They had no choice! Their hearts melted!

Which kinda sucked for them, but hey, what can you do?

When Squeaky Brakes returned the Umbrella Bros' hearts, they were pretty gosh darn grateful. They gathered around him, saying, "Thanks, Squeaky Brakes! We won't forget this!" Then they opened up, a strong breeze caught them, and they went spinning away - as was their wont. Squeaky Brakes waved as they flew away.

And the Umbrella Bros would totally have done it all again, too - that's just how lovable Squeaky Brakes is!

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