Tuesday, July 07, 2009

By Commision

Of the hon. David A. Zhang, to write a very specific sort of blog-a-post.

The three boys left the restaurant; politely, Casey waved goodbye. Other customers entered; other customers left. Casey continued her duties as waitress; taking orders, serving pizzas, cleaning tables. The rest of her shift was routine.

Though how could any shift be considered 'routine', Casey wondered, after what had happened earlier that evening?

As soon as she was dismissed - another employee was closing up tonight - Casey dashed to her car. The engine seemed to utter a foul cough, and black wings rose from its chassis. They beat against the air - once, twice - and the car rose into the night sky, carrying Casey with it, invisible within a shell of mirrored glass. (For, as every-one knows, vampires cannot be seen in mirrors - and this was a vampire car.)

Half an hour later, Casey entered the gates of the Dark Lair, within which rested the throne of Casey's Dark Master, the Elder Vampire Exothia. "I greet you, O Dark One," Casey said, sinking to one knee. "And this night is not like all other nights - for I bring urgent news!"

"What is it, least of my servants?" Exothia asked, staring coolly down at Casey. "Some threat from the World About?"

"Not so - " Casey replied, "no threat this, but opportunity!"

Exothia leaned back, gesturing with a hand for Casey to elaborate.

"It's a boy," Casey began.

Exothia raised one eyebrow.

"Not in that way!" Casey protested quickly. Could the pale, clammy flesh of vampires still blush, hers would have. "He is - I sensed potential in him! Great potential - such as I have never seen! I was in his presence for only minutes, but still - ah - it was as though the very heat of the Dark Sun scorched me!"

Exothia considered. "You are young yet in the way of the Dark Blood, but your judgement in matters of Darkness sources from my own heart, and so I trust it as I would myself. Very well - can you find the boy again?"

"Yes, O Dark One!" Casey said, her voice exultant. "I took the liberty of placing my scent upon him - thinly, for I had no direct contact with him, but yet - I can track him, to wheresoever as he places his bed!"

"Excellent," Exothia said. "Hunt him, then, and bring honour to our tribe. This is a matter of some importance, so, too, I will grant you this - the assistance of any two of my own, saving only Sarai, who ever guards my heart."

Casey considered a moment, and then chose - "Jasmin. Miriam."

"Let it be so," Exothia said. "Now - go! The night will not be young for-ever."

Casey rose, bowed to her Dark Master, and departed.

"And yet - treachery has bitten those in my service before - and one so young as she - well!" Exothia mused to herself. "Sarai will remain by my side, certes - but Emilia, her twin, may yet find good employ this eve..."

Her chosen minions behind her, Casey entered her vampire-car and set it aloft. To her nose she held her hand, and carefully, delicately, sniffed - her pupils, slit like those of a cat, dilated. With windows open, the night air rushed through the vampire-car - and Casey caught the scent of her prey.

To Be Continued!

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