Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Johnny Wander

You know what we haven't had in a while? (Oh, say... six and a half months?)

Webcomics posts!
Johnny Wander.

This is not one of those webcomics - of which I am frequently enamoured! - which delights in long, epic narrative arcs, action-backed battle scenes, or drama which may drive one to tears. (Not that I, being a real man, ever cry. Ever. My tear ducts are sealed, with pure awesome.)


Got a bit off track there.

Anyway, Johnny Wander. It's a pretty simple comic - approximating autobiography, though it occasionally wanders off into the slightly fantastic. The humour is unassuming - it's not nearly so deadpan as Dinosaur Comics, say, but it's hardly as over the top as Penny Arcade. No - if I had to use a word for it, it would be lagom.


Johnny Wander is lagom.

Have a look!

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