Thursday, July 09, 2009


(Not the game.)

Once, there was a man. Every day, he would go to the coal mines, and mine coal dust. Then he would bring the coal dust back home, and feed it to his furnace, to warm his house. This is what he did every day.

One day, though, he mined magic coal dust by mistake. And when he fed it into his furnace, it turned into a giant bird monster. It had ten wings, each of a different colour; it stood on seven talons, and its five heads each bore three beaks. Also, it was on fire.

It looked upon the man, and reached down, and ate him, and excreted him; and then it did this again, for each of its beaks. And when it was done, it told Nikolas (for Nikolas the man was), "You will die tomorrow."

And he did.


(Another contribution from the amazing Dr. Zhang, whose works never fail to inspire and astonish.)

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