Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bear Quest

This is a spree! A spree of posting things no-one likes.

I present...

Bear Quest!

It's the comic about a bear, and also a fictional video-game, and it makes no sense!

Watch as an adorable, cyclopic bear leaves his bone-littered cave! Become awed as his ever-grinning visage consumes an increasingly diverse selection of foes! Wince as people shoot him with guns!

There are, as of this writing, no more than sixteen quite small pages*, so it'll hardly cost you any of your time to have a look. And you should! If only to say that you have**.

*Hm. Make that 17. Apparently the level-1 page does not contain all of the pages of level 1. Very peculiar.

Also note the mention of Evan Dahm's link there; truly, I but follow in his footsteps.

(His first comic, Rice Boy, I mentioned here. The sequel is ongoing; I've not blogged it, as of yet. Now You Know.)

**That is not actually a good reason at all! So read it because it is a strange and amusing thing, instead.

***This post is more post-script than post!

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