Wednesday, July 01, 2009


One day, five posts! You know what that means? That means... more of the best of the blog! More... webcomics!


Diligent readers may recall that earlier today, I'd mentioned my affection for comics of the more dramatic sort - story! Plot! Characters! Dreamless is quite certainly one of those. (Also, the art's splendid - but that's an aside.)

Illustrated by Sarah Ellerton, who I've mentioned here before (though never for her current project - what's with that?), Dreamless is a - well, an 'online graphic novel,' really - about a dude and a lady with a very special link. It's set in the 1930s/1940s, for the most part, and follows the relationship of the protagonists as they grow.

Not much INTENSE, ADRENANLIN-PUMPING ACTION, but if you don't mind that, certainly have a peek at it.

(These webcomic-posts are always a bit odd. I only ever post about webcomics I actually like, so every one of them is quite positive - "read this", "read this", "read this if it's your thing," "read this immediately on pain of death". Perhaps I should start finding webcomics I dislike and excoriating them here, to balance things out?)

(Perhaps not.)

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