Sunday, July 05, 2009

of nikoulousses

nikolas was a farmer in a small
meadow in southwest of england
he was a sheep and goat herder
sometimes he got milk from the
goats and the sheep and he made it
into cheese and he pressed them
until they were hard and scrubbed them
with wax and he put them
in his cellar and he let them sit for several years
then he took them to the market and when he
was there he was hungry so he went
to the local food stall and he got some
meats on the fire and he saw the young girl
behind the counter and he was
very much enamored of her
but he did not say anything to her
and then he walked the long way home
mourning his lost opportunities

1 comment:

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Oh, poor Mr. Zhang! Will your luck ever turn?

Surely it must!

But not, I suppose, to-day.