Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Phoenix Requiem

As earlier posts tonight reminded me, I never blogged about certain authors' latter works. That ends - now!

For the good of all mankind.

The Phoenix Requiem.

This, as with Ellerton's other works - Dreamless, mentioned earlier tonight, and Inverloch - is not a 'comic'. Characters, plot, drama, and some humour - but not as a primary focus. This is a story that is going somewhere - if a trifle slowly, at times - and it will stop for no man.

Also, the art is frequently splendid, the characters feel human (for the most part), and there are ghosts that get shot with shotguns. It's not on the top of my 'awesome webcomics that are the best things ever forever' list*, but it's consistently interesting, and for no-dollars - the price you must pay to access the site - it's worthwhile.


Order of Tales.

As I mentioned earlier tonight, this is Evan Dahm's second comic/graphic novel, after Rice Boy. It's a prequel to that worthy, set several hundred years before, set in the same world but with only a tangential connection in plot and characters. And, well -

It's not as good.

But it's hardly done yet - there's much yet to go. And, again, for no-dollars...


I suppose there's a reason that neither of these have gotten a post thus far - I'm just not enormously enthusiastic about either. But at the very least, both are good, and so: here you go.

*I do not actually have such a list. (I could make one, I guess...)

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