Tuesday, July 14, 2009


(*Fictional, but may be enhanced by some familiarity.)

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: so I've gotta gripe.
You: hi!
Stranger: I made these people, right?
You: How was your day?
You: Wait, what?
Stranger: Basically just like humans, except a bit smaller.
You: ...
Stranger: But then they got all whiny. "We want clothes! We want food! We want shelter!"
You: ...seems reasonable, actually.
Stranger: So I bought them some clothes, cooked them some food, even made a little town for them.
Stranger: So adorable!
You: Wait, how small are they, again?
Stranger: pRetty small.
You: *How* small?
Stranger: But they're still griping!
Stranger: All, "Hey, stop peeling off the roofs of our houses and looking inside!"
You: ...
You: so, stop?
Stranger: But that was the whole reason I made them!
You: You made them so you could spy on their private lives.
Stranger: i wouldn't say that.
You: When they're in the bathroom?
Stranger: Sure.
You: ...when they're in the bedroom?
Stranger: like, any time when they're naked, basically.
You: ...
Stranger: When I make the next ones, d o you think I should make their fiddly bits glow in the X-ray spectrum, or radio?
Stranger: Oo! Or I could use sonar, like a bat, but backwards!
You have disconnected.

Alternate title: people on the internet are weird.

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