Thursday, July 02, 2009


All right, yesterday's over. Enough of the webcomics - that's not what this blog is all about! It's time for something new. Something different. Something called...


All right, I lied, it's another webcomic.

A quick warning before we go on: this is decidedly non-Mormonic. There's gay marriage, open relationships, visible nudity/sexytimes, cussing, and warm beverages. Also, the blonde in the top-left of the image? Actually a lady.

The protagonists of the comic, 'Griffin' (the blonde) and Molly (the other one), wander the spacelanes in some far-distant future, doing minimum-wage work at the edges of society. The story's broken up into chapters, which are (largely) separate, recounting distinct episodes in the lives of the characters. There's hints of things hidden in their pasts - especially Griffith's - but the story that's been told to date tends to be fairly low-key, things like nights at the bar or cross-country trips.

That's... slightly misleading, admittedly.

Regardless, it's an oddly compelling read - for me, at least, stayed up rather too late last night burning through the archives - and the creator certainly has plans for it. (She's got 36 chapters planned, and, having worked on it since '02, has just started on Chapter 9. If this thing is ever finished, it'll be quite a while.) Won't cost you anything to... yes... have a look.

(Tomorrow: I announce the name change of the blag to "Webcomics Blog About Webcomics Webcomics Webcomics", featuring a whole new set of content. You'll never guess!)


Calvacadeofcats said...

you pervert

Desmond said...

Oooooh. "Decidedly Non-mormonic"