Thursday, March 05, 2009

Strange Things (a sequel of sorts)

This isn't strange, per se; just a helpful reference to an earlier post.

This watches me at night. Every night.

Sometimes it worries me.

I cannot help but find homeopathic medicine unspeakably hilarious. And here's some at my local store! Strange place, that. (They also sell condoms and "emergency chocolate". Many varieties of emergency chocolate.)

Look - the founding fathers of modern psychology, ready to do battle as they were always meant to! Freud gets a larger name, but Jung gets a catchy little quote just below "Action Figure" - shame you can't see it at this resolution. Anyway, I'm ready to buy tickets for this match any day.

Ah - but what's this?

A dude! And he's hurt!

He's hurt bad!

I don't know how that happened. Or why. Or even when, or who he is, or where (or what!) he comes from! (Or maybe I just won't say.) But I'll admit to this much:

He looks just like the guy from Doom.

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