Sunday, March 15, 2009


(With all due credit to the Hon. T.S.G., for subject if not style.)

Oliver was a moose. His attributes, primarily: glossy fur. Big, strong antlers. And an insatiable hunger for clover-leaves. And in that last lay the trouble: for, you see, there wasn't a single clover, anywhere around.

Had this once been the case? Had Oliver once enjoyed the sweet taste of clover, but terribly lost it - perhaps due to the evils of industrialization, perhaps, perhaps? Not at all. He'd never even seen a clover-leaf! But he read about them in a book.

Another attribute: Oliver was quite clever, especially for a moose.

So then. Oliver considered. He really would like some clover to eat. It would be delicious. He could tell!

But, you know, he was pretty happy where he was.

So he never did go looking for any clover.

The end!

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