Friday, March 13, 2009

Walrus-Bears and the Interactions

Fact: Bears are awesome.

Fact: Walruses are only somewhat less awesome. (Also, they have tusks.)

What could possibly go wrong with combining them?

Well, firstly, you can't just 'combine things' like that. Genetics is a really complex science! Amazingly complex. You might be able to combine a horse and a donkey - though you might not get exactly what you wanted out of the combination (unless you wanted a mule, I guess?), but you can't really get much farther away than that, genetically, without having a great deal of difficulty making combinations. This is especially true of complex life-forms; it's much easier to transplant genes from bacteria, say, to multicellular organisms than from one multicellular organism to another. There are too many potential side effects!

But I'm rambling, and beginning to make no sense. (Unheard of, I know.)

So let's make a long story short:

The horde of cybernetically augmented walrus-bears ate Toronto.


That might've been too short.

But trying to add the backstory now (especially the bit about the platypi and the spider-goats) would probably just make things worse.

Ah well.

Happy International Nikolas Day!


Calvacadeofcats said...

what a series of strange premises and subtexts

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Yeah, this wasn't my best. Sorry. I was pretty beat by the time I wrote this.