Friday, March 20, 2009

the return of the nikoulous

10 year ago, niko-las went down to sea to become fisheman of octopusse. he go to store and buy a boat that was 2 times a big of his head. then he buy some string, and a hooke at the end which he tie up. Then he took the straing and wrap it wround this hand, and he thrown into the watter, until some octopusse eats it, then he puled it up. then he repeated this every day, and the takes some to the market to sell it, and one day he becomes very prospero, and he buy a house on the beache, and he sell it at 2 times the price, and he took the money, and he build a big boat. He used this boat to smoke exotick herbes. then he went underground

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Wow! What happened next?

(Also, a boat that is "2 times a big of [my] head" is not a very large boat. Remarkable that Niko-las could use it at all, really.)