Sunday, March 08, 2009


One day, in a rain-socked plant laden ground campus of a University in the South part of the State, a young lad, with his blackbeard, and moustache comb in his pocket, ventured out into the storme, and came to the local night-club, where he saw meny strange things. Now, such a list it too long to say to you, in the time of hour, before we must eat the rice pilaf. But on of this things he saw was the face of a lovely maide, who caught his eyee, and hocked his hearte with hoops of steele. 

Several montes passed withouth him seeing her lovely face, and her breastes, however, he disckevered her presence in the class which he did sit upon, when the sun was upon the highest point in the sky. He was dismay by the fact that she was his upper-classmen, however, this did not detter his hearte. He said to him self I must know la fuerza de mi corazon

Thus he went to parties, and he liquifeid his liver on the spirits, and he went to the scolar's reunion, at her biddinge, and he played card games with her, and he ate the rice-pilaf with her, and she grew closer and closer to him. 

Thus, the man, not wanting to make a dreadful mistake  at this point in his relationshippe, he went up to appathalos, to consult the oracle upon the mountaine. 

He saith, O Oracle, I have loved a young maide for two monthes, and paid the dowry to her father, my last goate, and a egg from a ducke, and I shall not lose her yet, what shall I do, O Great Oracle.

Saith the Oracle unto him: "Young man: you are a pure of heart, and you can unlock the key of the underverse. You shall not be deterred by strange women."

The man saith: "O great Oracle, what dost thou promineinse"

Saith the Oracle: " Young Man, I dreamed a wondrous dream in the night, and her name came unto my mind, and I saw her forme, and I must reveal to you a deadly secret, she is not the right girl for you"

Then the young man becometh very angry, and he pounded his fists upon the ground, and he ripped off his cloth above his loins, and they spilled forth in all its glory, and he ran off weeping and bitter. The Oracle saith to him as he run "Heed the oracle! You shall be greately missappropriated" The young man, feeling greatly la fuerza de mi corazon, and I must profess my love. 

And he did so, while they were in the courtyard, and he touched her gently, and she became in love with the man, and they were to be wed. And so they were, and the ceremony was attended by many of his disciples, and his hovel-mates from the university, and it was a grand and joyous occasion. And the young man tremoloed with the exceitement, as he was about to take the verginity, of his wyfe. But the wordes of the Oracel echoed upon his braine. Then he ripped off the cloth above his wyfe's loins, and they spilled forth in all its glory, and he was extermely suprised. He gasped and looked up. "Oh my ," she said.  

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I approve of hoops of steel, in all circumstances.