Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Nikolas-Car?

(Authored by an anonymous contributor; edited by myself.)

whatever happened
to the nikolas car?

that he is not
chaffing the crude
and pulling the steam-pipes
and trans-axels
and feeing it noxious, noxious coal
the great simmering beast
that protrudes black smoke
foul and acrid
that chokes the peasants of our walled city
as the seed and hoe the fields
of gray wheat
with soot that falls
like rain
and blackens our bread

did he sell it
to his aunt?

that is to be expected
from a baron such as he
the cold, black clad faceless
nobles who chain their peacants
to the land and sell their souls
to the plutocracacies
they called him "grey-face"
after the dark simmering countenace he wore
like an iron mask of knights
of days long gone
he took his great monolith
that belched foul miasmas
and he wheeled it,
by ox-cart,
to the town square,
and he ran over the sick, and the plagued,
for the miasmas it extruded clogged the orifices of those
who dared live in such a place
and churned their humours
such that they were choleric
and plegmatic
and they cried an awful cry
o when shall we see the light of day again
when the monolith is gone, and torn down
but their cried were muffled by the great roar
of a thousand tonnes of black coal
burning in its belly
and firing its shifting frameork

what could save them?
who could save them?

the one with
the long-beard
they called him
"the great pacificator "
he took to the masses
and he shouted over the great
clasing and clangnig
he eased their sorrows
and their pain
with his cocaine tablets
and opiates
and the monolith still stands
and shoots its black smoke
and chokes the life blood of that small town
and the people are no longer affronted by ti
and they are content
and complacent
and they sir
and they fear no more

was that the end?

should i make it happy?


too late
at that monoet
the muscular one
came on a horse
and he said
no more shall you ckoke the longs of the people with your smoke and
enlslave their minds
he stabbed his braodsword
through the heart of the beast
and the nikolas
and the sun shimned
and it rained
a clean rain
and the blackness washed off
in like 100 years
the villaeg prosperous

there was this hot girl
and she said
thank you for saving us
and she had sex
with him
the muscular one
or maybe his grond son
she did it
they were
in love


(...or is it?)

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