Friday, October 31, 2008


One day there was a dude who looked like this:

and there was a womon as well, and the womon was close in proximitiy for half the days, and far on half the days, but she was not close in all the days, in the sense of the physicks.

And on the day of the hollo-ween, where there were ghostes, and spirits, and liqueurs, and the marsh fogge, the man went into a deep depression, for he had longed for the womon, but had not seen a trace of her, since she went to foreign lands for tradesmanship, and contoures, and transportation.

But that nite the womon came back to the city, on a horse-drawn cairrage, and he saw of her, and they embraced, and exchanged words, and coupoulated in the bedchambres.

But in the middle of the night, there was a strange sound out the window, and a rat-a-tat-tat in the door-wayes, and the aire was damp and chilled, and when he looked to the womon, she was not there any-more, and and the aire was cold where her body was.

And he looked everywhere in the boarding-house, and in the neighbourhood, and in the tree-houses, and he saw a note in the tree-house, and it was covered in bloode, and viscera, and ichours, and puss, and muckus, and excreta, and rust, and aluminium, and there was a ribbon of magnoiuseum tied like a bow-tie to the bottom, and he lighted a matche, and he lighted the ribbon, and it ignited vigourously.

And the note was from the womon, and it read "help meeeeee" except there were not as many E's because it would have not the same effect as a vocoulisation.

And he felt a chill in his bone, and the vapours rised, and the noises increased in their amplitudues, and in the frequency, but de-creased in the wave-lengthes, such that he was shacken with a great terrour.

and he looked up, in the tree-house, and he saw a ganglia, that dangeled from out a brainch, and he followed it as a length of corde, and at the base he saw...




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Cavalcadeofcats said...

That really is quite a petrifying photo.

Question: is that final "Aaa" from the 'dude', or from the narrator?