Saturday, October 18, 2008

the annals of colloge

nothing interesting happened

I got more sick. I had to miss a class once because of that. i went to the hopsital

one day:

we gathered on the communal lounge down-stairs, and we joined a parade of froshmen. there was a man with a kilt and a bagpipes leading the procession. it was odd to say. 

on the way i saw a girl that i knew. she talked to me but it was awkward cuz i was sick. then her boyfriend came all upons. so she left.

It was "homecoming". people made a big tower made of wood. it had nice geometrical patterns. with 'class of '12' on toppe. It was very prodigious.

 then they set it on fire. 

it was really hot, then we ran around it multiple times. after i was done i watched from outside. some dude gave me his sweater. i still have it. 

there is a lot of free food around here.

one of my floormates got drunk. actually several of them, I think one got cought by the po-lice. people were collapsed in the hall-wayes.

also i saw several hot womons and that i didnt know their names so it was awkaard.

also the maths departments builiding is so sick. i want to take maths classes to be in there almost.

also 2 of my classes are in the "chemistry building" which is kind of werid because it is the only building to be labeled with its department. it is weirder because the chemistry department is not actually in that building. they moved out a few years ago and didnt bother to change the sign.


Cavalcadeofcats said...

The tower story was the best part of that post.

Also, holy crud, you went to the hospital!

Also, the chemistry-building thing reminds me of one of the older buildings I take classes in, the Applied Physics and Mathematics building. (Usually called APM.) I'm not actually sure that any physics has been done there in years. Though I hear that there's an annual watermelon drop off the top, so that sort-of counts.

King Kessler said...

Hospital blimey!

All of our buildings are named after dead people I think.