Sunday, October 26, 2008

The analects of matthew : a cooledge special

So I am still in Niagra Falls preaching "the good word." I knocked on many doors and gave out many pamphlets with "the good word" in it. It was fun, but weird.

Well, let's see, as I go about my mormoning, I got a new companion, and the old one went further south to a neaby(ish) indian res. The new guy is fairly new as a missionary as well. And so I had to/ have to be more in charge now, although he's figuring things out, so now he's more in charge,  but whatevs. I can still beat him up.  (Actually, I don't think I could beat him up, which sux, but whatevs).

What else, hmm... let's see, well on Wednesday, that was just ugh because we got lost, like, twice or something and then we lost the cell phone, so we went to our neighbors to call it to see if we could hear it and some lady picked it up and we were like, wtc? (not wtf because we're mormon) and went over to her house to pick it up and we asked her where she found it, and we were like what? We never stopped at that road! But we did drive on it, and before we did that, my companion put it on the roof of the car, so yah, I wanted to kill him, and so we did the other missionaries who called us and the lady picked up so they drove to our place to tell us our phone was gone, but we'd recovered it by the time they arrived. 

Wait, so Niklousse went on three dates with a womon who had a boyfriend? Weird. Was Niklousse the boyfriend? 

I don't know what really to tell you about womons. Make sure they're not taken I guess? Dunno. By the time this letter gets back to you, I'm betting the exchange-student womon will have probably left, and so that (and the lunch dinner thing with her) will be moot point, so yah. Snail mail suxxorz. nvm.

Dude, trips to Japan (or anywhere) always breed relationship stuff, it's nuts.

to be continued

ow my hand

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

...who, exactly, fed Mr. Matthias the disinformation about me going on dates?

Flippin' eh?