Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Lovely Fable.

Some time ago, my attention was directed to a rather lovely electro-video game by the name of "Ben There, Dan That!". (The exclamation mark is part of the name.) Rather piqued by the description, I investigated.

not a spoiler
I found it quite entertaining, but got stuck after a little while. Reluctant to turn to a "guide of stratagems", I stopped playing - and forgot about it for months.


Just the other day, I remembered about it, for some reason. I started it up, fiddled, and by complete luck managed to get past the puzzle that was bothering me before. (There were some candlesticks.) I continued, curious to see what was next; the next several hours were spent playing, and beating, the game.

I did end up using a strategy guide, sadly, but the puzzles in question were somewhat unfairly obtuse. I shrug.

In any case, feeling magnanimous in victory, I donated 5 quid via Paypal to the authors of this (fun! free!) game. To my surprise, the next day, one of the creators emailed me back, thanking me - in what was quite clearly a human-authored email! - for the donation. Delighted by this unexpected acknowledgment, I emailed the creator back, praising their game.

The rest is history. We became best friends, both moved to the Bahamas, and now we do everything together - sunbathing, surfboarding, snowball fights... it's the best of lives, and it would never have happened were it not for my selfless generosity. (A rare thing from a person so stingy as myself.)

So go on! Try the game! Pay me some money! We'll all be the better for it.


mr sex said...

lol you gave them "5quid"

also that is a cool game
that is untrue

mr sex said...

also it is only wondows lol