Monday, October 27, 2008

the analects of matthew: SOPECIAL COLEO ED. PT. II


Did you go to our (well, Tino's ) "sister city?" Or see Desmond's cousin (a missionary there?). That'd be cool, but that was, like, so long ago to be asking about anyways, doh.
So, ok, this will be way out of the blue, but would you ever consider having Mormon missionaries come teach you more about our church? Or would you ever want a video or something about our church? I know that was weird, but I thought I should ask, at least. 
But yah dude, so thanks for everyone's addresses and forwarding their messages to me. Gl with womons and college in general. 


Elder Skowbo

P.S. I was playing a trivia game, and one of the things was to name snobby colleges. On the list answer thing, Dartmouth was one on them.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

Huh. That's... pretty odd, all right.

How often do you exchange communiques with M. Skowbo? It must be easier for you, given relative geographic proximity.