Saturday, October 25, 2008


Devin: The maths! The maths! I want to do the maths!
 Algebra and trig, vectors (cross and dot!)
And calculus! The calculus! A, B, C & D!

Matthew: What's this? What's this? The maths? Madness!
 Was it decreed in ages past, 
 No hot drinks for our repast
 And here - this problem - coffee! Tea! Soda and caffeine!

Nick: The maths? The maths! Wonder at their splendor!
 Here! Radical! There! Logarithm! Taylor, Maclaurin and L'Hopital,  Pythagorus and Euclid - the maths! 
 He shall drink what drink he shall - so long as it is all math!

David: I never, I never, I never need do math ever again!

...I should really learn how to write songs.

by NIcholas Fienberg

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