Friday, October 10, 2008

faith: the epigraph

What do we know about the state of the modern nikolas,
it is a well-established fact that after the sexual revolution of the 1960s that the modern nikolas gene factor which repressed development of sexual organs in his abdominal segment was damaged by nuclear radaiation. this change is evident in the literature of the era: 

this is what he has to say on the matter: "Jared becomes a wild womanizer. He has sex with Evelyn, sure; in addition to every prostitute in Ostok, the daughter of the Emperor of the Western Empire, and the entire Beckoner tribe. That's the finale, actually. It secures peace for the world... through _wild orgies_."

we shall now produce a theorom which offers firm conclusion that the nikolas was having sex with some hot girls in his dormitiry.

Let us analyse this story with Ramsay theory:

imagine there is a complete nikolas, a simple nikolas wherein all pairs of distince vertices are connected by edges

for example:
a complete nikolas denoted by (K3)

The analysise:

If each edge of the nikolas is coloured with a red of a blue kessler paint then what is the minumum integer N for which on K(N) there must be a complete monochromatic sub-nikolas of degree 3?
the answer, of course, is sex.

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You are unbelievably confused.