Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Analects of Matthew: SPECIAL COLLEGE ED. PT. III

[Matthew-Mania has overtaken the blag!]


Sorry, no translations today, maybe next time, we'll see, it's been busy lately.

And verily, it came to pass, that upon entering the waters of Niagara, I was drowned in the depths thereof. And when I awoke, I proclaimed my dream to the inhabitants, and they took me, and bound me, and threw me into the river, and I drowned in the depths thereof. And thus we see that, um, I died. So yeah. [Further text is scribbled out.]

So I'm still in the great Niagara Falls (the city, not the falls themselves. And the American city.) I got a new companion last Thursday. So he's newer than me, which is a first for my companions, so I'm the "senior companion." Which means I'm sort of in charge, but not really. He's good, fortunately. That's always good. But yah. So [scribble] I can't remember if I told you [scribble] (or anyone) that I've [scribble] baptised (not me personally, but still) one person since arriving in the falls. So that's good, but I didn't do a whole lot. So, really, that's better sort of. Her great-grandma ( [scribble] said girl is 11, by the way) came up to us and said her great-grand-daughter wanted to be baptised. So we taught and then baptised her. Yay!

But yah, so David forwarded your message to me, but more importantly, he forwarded your address. So this letter is in response to the message and the letter that came with a bunch of other letters from various people either in or closely associated with the League. Including your brother, aka "big man" as he dubbed himself, then asked me to guess who "big man" was, then was promptly revealed by an unknown editor who wrote ethan immediately thereafter. So the real question should be who is that editor. I would guess you, or, if not, then David.

So apparently your brother's in Utah or something horrid like that? What on earth would - well, nvm.[*]

Any you're on facebook!!!1!! Although, [scribble] I would probably care a lot more if I was [scribble] currently on facebook. I'll add you as a friend in two-ish or so years (well, less, more like, well, w/e. hess[**]) Anyhow.

So beyond me being chief now, things are going normal. [scribble] We lost our cell phone the other day... [Here the story that Matthew related to David earlier is repeated, with less mormon-cursing. He likely wrote this account after the one he sent to David - he ends it with "etc, etc".]

So, how's [UC-something, scribbled out] (lol, I was right, after all) UCSD? Are the classes weird/fun/hard/weird? Same for teachers, people, campus life, campus itself I guess (lol, out of room, sorry), k, well have an awesome time at college (but not too awesome, haha) - Matt "Elder" Skowbo.
[The above paragraph is at the bottom of the back side of the letter; the writing grows increasingly cramped as it progresses, with Matthew's name being squeezed in tiny print into the corner.]

[On the margin of the letter:]

If you talk to or e-mail
nvm[*] I'll just write him back again soon, but if he [inserted (with an arrow): 'David'] asks, I just got his' second letter right after I replied to his first. Snailmail sux.

--end of letter.

*Editorial note: Matthew still uses wobnet-abbreviations, even in his year-long exile? What is the world coming to?

**Editorial note: w/e. hess? Huh? Could be "ness"... doesn't really help, though.

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