Friday, October 17, 2008

legue rolls 2020

Ethan F. (Maraj)
Current residence/occupation: he went to the moon and colonise it in his braine
Nick's brother. He a lot of hair on top of his braine, and is the one of the younger members in the League. but he is still like old now

Nicholas F. (Cavalcadeofcats)
Current residence/occupation: a braine man he has a computer in his braine that flying this car. he was businessman
Conservative liberal, Jew, blog creator, and generally all-around excellent dude. also he can make a robot out of his braine

Devin M. (Desmond)
Current residence/occupation: the king of mormon
Namesake of the League. Cool Mormon dude. Swims and has curly hair in his braine computer

David Z. (MrSex)
Current residence/occupation: sex 8 times
Completely insane, but awesome. The hinge around which the whole League spins. Correspondingly, he is somewhat oily.

Kelsey H. (KingKessler)
Current residence/occupation: he can make a computor from his braine
Canadian. Speaks some French. The only one of us who David can't provoke to violence. (Only HUGS.) he has a braine in his monkie

Gavin H. (SomethingGeckoRelated)
Current residence/occupation:  a braine machine produce
He is Kelsey's younger brother. Also, he has an LED-equipped shirt. and a flying car

Stephen F. (Fisherdude)
Current residence/occupation: a savvy pimp buisnessman
He swims? Also, he likes to inflict pain, and program computers. These activities coincide surprisingly often. he has chips in his braine

Matthew S. (ChihuahuaMormon)- the king of mormons
Everyone's Mormon big brother. Or something? He's Mormon, and, um... yeah. Tall. Sadly out of digi-contact, no, becouse we have implants in braine. We send him letters every so often. from braine

This needed updating. Hopefully it meets collective approval.

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