Tuesday, October 14, 2008

League Rolls 2008

Ethan F. (Maraj)
Current residence/occupation: BOARDING SCHOOL in UTAH. Out of digicontact.
Nick's brother. He has (had?) a lot of hair, and is the one of the younger members in the League.

Nicholas F. (Cavalcadeofcats)
Current residence/occupation: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA in SAN DIEGO, Freshman.
Conservative liberal, Jew, blog creator, and generally all-around excellent dude.

Devin M. (Desmond)
Current residence/occupation: BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY in UTAH, Freshman.
Namesake of the League. Cool Mormon dude. Swims and has curly hair.

David Z. (MrSex)
Current residence/occupation: DARTMOUTH COLLEGE in NEW HAMPSHIRE, Freshman.
Completely insane, but awesome. The hinge around which the whole League spins. Correspondingly, he is somewhat oily.

Kelsey H. (KingKessler)
Current residence/occupation: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY in SAN JOSE, Freshman.
Canadian. Speaks some French. The only one of us who David can't provoke to violence. (Only HUGS.)

Gavin H. (SomethingGeckoRelated)
Current residence/occupation: CUPERTINO HIGH SCHOOL, the League's Alma Mater, Sophomore.
He is Kelsey's younger brother. Also, he has an LED-equipped shirt.

Stephen F. (Fisherdude)
Current residence/occupation: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY in SONOMA, Freshman.
He swims? Also, he likes to inflict pain, and program computers. These activities coincide surprisingly often.

Matthew S. (ChihuahuaMormon)- MISSIONARY in WARSAW, NOT-POLAND.
Everyone's Mormon big brother. Or something? He's Mormon, and, um... yeah. Tall. Sadly out of digi-contact. We send him letters every so often.

This needed updating. Hopefully it meets collective approval.

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