Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Troubles of Mr. Munat

Mr. Munat was deeply in love.

But he had a problem.

He was in love with cigarettes!


So foul!

So when he propositioned the lady-types - persons of a distinctly feminine nature - they all rejected him! They cried out, "Oh, Mr. Munat, never, never! Your breath is far too disgusting, your habits too distateful, for any of us to ever reciprocate your affections! We would rather enter our graves and rot - 13 times! - than go to your domicile and perform the activities which you suggest!"

Enraged and dismayed, Mr. Munat upended an ash-holder, dislodging all his many cigarettes from its interior.

And then he wept - for he knew he would never find happiness.

Oh, Mr. Munat! When will you ever give up your foul and repulsive habits?

1 comment:

Chris said...

I really freaking hate the people who smoke there. I pondered calling the campus police on a group earlier today...