Tuesday, May 05, 2009


My name is Krow Szaman. I am King of the Lonche.

Humanity came to this world on five great Arks. Three are long vanished, their locations forgotten by all men yet living. One is held by the Undying, the scum that would make of this paradise an ash-covered hell; it is lost to us. And one yet remains within our lands, the Ark of Flowers. The sworn duty of the Lonche is to protect it. And I am King of the Lonche.

The Undying have come to our lands, as they have promised they would. Their numbers are slighter than ours, but their hideous machines render this advantage merely superficial. We have called in every ally, every favour we possess; every human nation stands beside us on the field today, every mercenary band, every local militia. It may be enough. But great courage is yet required to see this day through with the Ark in our hands.

I will be on the field of battle. I am the King of the Lonche, the leader of the coalition forces; too well I know just how heavy rests the head that bears the crown. So, as I bear the responsibility for all else, I will be here today, fighting for Humankind. We may win. I may die.

If we lose here today, the ranks of Men will be forever shattered; the defeat will leave us no common ground, and the Undying will be free to grind us into the ground, town by town, kingdom by kingdom. If we win here today, then we will at last have the advantage; we will be able to push the Undying back into their lands, cleanse this world of their taint and reclaim the Ark of Tears from their metallic grasp. Either way, the time of the Lonche will come to an end; destroyed, or replaced by something better. After today, even if I live, I will be King no longer.

So I leave this record here, with you, that you will know me. I am Krow Szaman, King of the Lonche. And you are my son.

--recording ends.


Chris R. said...

Damn your lack of context!

Cavalcadeofcats said...

In media res, my friend! In media res.

(That is an excuse for writing a story without a proper beginning or a conclusion! It is Art.)