Friday, May 15, 2009

of myce and men

one day i was walking through the foret and then i came out and i saw the sky was fill with clouds and the nikolas took his head out to the clouds from above and he look down at me and he say that in 2 days there will be a giant bird that will come down from the sky and he will have to his body his man-stick was 20 meteres long and swift as a dagger unto the skin and then he told me that it must be slaughtered before it touch the earth because if it touch the earth it will stain the sky grey and it will rain down with the blood of a killed goat and he tell to me that i must go unto the land of the nikolas and slay the bird from the sky and he said you must take the three trials and if you succeed in the trails then there will be a great sword that cometh out of the earth and you will grab the sword and when the great bird comes you will stick it straight up so that it will pierce its great man-stick and slice it in 2 pieces and the bird will be so ashamed that it will fly into the sun and incinirate itself and if you can do that you will be the great hereo of the land and i said i shall do it and i went unto the land of the nikolas and i saw the devistation that was wrought and i determined myself to complete the challenges and i asked the nikolas what were the challehnces and he told me that first i must find the daughter of the priest who is a virgine and i must make her not a virgine anymore and after that i must learn the ways of the tribe of the molocosse and then i must build a hitte from the earth from the soil of the ahmanedel and then i went and i said to the nikolas i shall do it i shall do these things to prevent the devisation of the land and then i went to class and i was pondering the problem of the engines and the axles and i went up to a womon that i knew and i asked her of the solution to the problem, and in finiding this out i discovered that she was the daughter of the priest that i must copulate with and i was very excited but i became less excited when i discovered that she did not know the ansewer to the problem of the engines and the axels but i was enhaertened by the fact that she promised to send the answer via the telegramme across the land lines and thusly i retired to my chambre in the confiance that i would soon be receiced to the majeususle however when night fell and i did not receive the recomenot i became fraught with worries and i distressed and i ulcered my self and then the next morning i came across her once again and i talked with her but i did not impres her enought to gain entry according to her expressions and i walked home and i embraced the inevitabilities of fate the end

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