Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Note-Taking

I take very good notes in class. Always! Certainly! Otherwise I wouldn't have a notebook, obviously. (This is Logic.) But sometimes there are slow moments. Slack moments, moments in which I don't really need to take notes, but still wish to somehow occupy myself.

There have been a few of these moments.

Sometimes, I write - great reams of text, even! For instance, Mythos (excerpted above) was drafted across four pages during a very slow Physics class. (The original inspiration was jotted down on the back cover of my other notebook, after I'd finished a CSE-70 quiz and had nothing better to do. It's still there.)

Sometimes, I do more in the way of sketches - for instance, plans for walking tanks, 'mechs', for a video-game I've been intermittently working on. (It's probably never going to be finished; the concept is far too ambitious.)

As a matter of fact, this post was drafted on a notebook (what a curious coincidence!) - half of the aforesaid draft is below.

But sometimes I'm in an unusual mood. Sometimes my usual approaches do not usffice. Sometimes... I hunger.

This morning, specifically.

(I really was pretty hungry.)

P.S.: Perhaps the best thing of all about this page is that it was a group effort. My original bananas were deemed inadequate by the fellow next to me (D. Watson), who advised me in crafting a suitable replacement. (Ditto for the peach.)

(I'm quite proud of the peach, actually.)

P.P.S.: Can you name them all? (Many are labeled, but it's in my handwriting, so that may or may not actually help.)

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Calvacadeofcats said...

what a journey into the desent of madness of aman drivn to the end of his wites