Friday, May 22, 2009

The heart of darkness

Kelsey stared ate the space around him. He was knowing that some thing was up, but he did not know what. He knew that he sent a messige to the the head quarters but he did not know if they received it or not. He definitely did not get any feed back in his earpiece! But he was a professional , he told himself. I would not let that be distracting for me. Then a rouge agent came at him suddenly from the bushes. This was most unexpected for Kelsey! So he took his knife and stabbed him in the chest, and it was very painful. So then he died. He thought to himself, that was too easy. There must be some thing up, but I do not know what. Then he checked his earphone again for a signal from headquarters. There was no thing on the channel. Kesley was getting more anxious at the moment. "Damn" I said to myself! "When will that single come in from HQ?" I could not stand the tension. Then, a couple of thugs came to Kelsey by the docks. They were very scary looking and they had a lot of scars and tattoos on their skins. But Kelsey was a professional, they said. He took care for them very fast. A while passed. Kelsey was getting tired of waiting around. He was starting to fell asleep in his chair. Just then the message that he was waiting for came in from head quarters on his earphone. "Kelsey, it's a bomb!" "A bomb." Kelsey said, in shock and horror! He quickly leapt into the air, out of harm's way. "That was close" he said, after wards. And that was the end of that.

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Cavalcadeofcats said...

You are butchering Conrad. Just butchering him.

Fairly amusing read, mind you.