Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Professor Zhang and the Great Big Dog

Another lecture by the internationally famed Professor Zhang! Everyone give him a warm round of applause as he delivers to us his newest opus, The Wonderful Dog.

once opon

a time

in a magic


there was a terrible plague

and it caused much


and destructin

(How terrible!)

so the gods said

to the people

you must go and dispell

the plague

and then

there was a

big tree

there was this dog

who lived under the big tree

and he said to himself


i think i can help

so the dog

walked around

and he thought to him self

and then he wondered in to town


so the dog saw some big




so the gods said to him

you must save the land

from the curse

so they gave him some

supper powers

and he could like

run really fast

and like

hit things

with his head

so the dog saw some boxes on the ground

and he knew there was some


good meats

or something


but he could not open them

so he said to the gods

how can i open this box

and they said you must use the powers that you have been given

so he concentrated

and he cut open the box

and he found some good meats

inside the box

and then he said

to himself


i am not hungry right now

i will save this food

for later

and he put it in his bag

and he wondered off

then he saw the village

it was on fire


of the curses

he was very distressed

at this

so he said

to the gods

how can i help put out the fire

in the villege

and they said

you must use the power that we gave you


he hufed

and he pufed

and he blew the fire away

then he saw

a man

in the distance

it was a very strange man

so he came to the dude and the dude said

look man

i am the strongest man in the world

i can cut you down

but the dog was like

the dog said to the strong man


you have to help save the world

from the curse

of the land

but the man said

no i cant

im very busy


he wondered off

but the dog saw what he was doing

he saw that he was in the back

of his house



and like


and he said

what a shame

and then everyone died

from the plague

the end

What a heartwarming story! One of Prof. Zhang's best. We can only hope that we'll see him again soon!

(This story is totally not Okami, by the way.)


Chris said...

My brain made itself black out three-quarters of the way through in self-defense.

Cavalcadeofcats said...

Aww! But it's such a charming story!