Monday, May 18, 2009

cryme and punishment

once upon a tyme there was a strange man who was called matthew and some people called him matthrew the mormon because he had a caravan and it was white like a bird and it was oblate and a spheroid and it was the transportation of the commons by the conveyance to and fro of the mormon acadimies where our story takes place. now one day matthew the moremon took his great caravan to the seminary and it became inseminated. this was most unfortunate because matthew knew that he had to transport the commons in a few hours. so, he went home and scrubbed down the outside of his caravan with a paste which was made of the entrails of fish which were fermented with wine, salt water and honey. but he could not get all of the semen off of his caravan, so he begrudgingly took it to the school-yard to pick up the childrens. when they went in they did not notice anything particulerly suspicitous so matthew was relieved. this is the story of those yong schoollads whose livers were affected permantly by that fateful voyage.

first, born of nobel blood, from the forests of siberia was the young lad who was MR KESSER. he, being perfused with the odour of the heinous liquid of which the wall was he one the pomp.

the end


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Cavalcadeofcats said...

That made an astonishingly tiny amount of sense.

I do like oblate spheroids, though.